Student Researcher
Professional Development Award

Sponsored by SCWTCA Endowment, Inc.


Reward vet students who make significant contributions to health-related research projects involving SCWTs by partially funding their attendance to a professional conference to present results from a project they worked on.


Veterinary students frequently play important roles in research projects directed by primary investigators. This involvement might stimulate interest in becoming a researcher, and the Endowment wishes to encourage that possibility. In addition to designing and implementing projects, researchers must disseminate results. Presentation often precedes publication. Professional development is enhanced when students make conference presentations or assist the primary investigator in doing so.


Support student researcher professional development by partially funding (up to $500) conference attendance to present research findings. Funds must be used to offset the cost of conference registration, travel, lodging, or meals associated with presenting at a conference.

Process and Timeline
  • Annually, the Endowment will earmark $1,000 (two $500 awards) for this purpose.
  • On or before January 15th or June 15th, interested students will submit an application that includes:
    • Application Form PDF
      (Form can be filled out, saved & submitted using Acrobat Reader.)
        — OR —
      Letter of application for the award, including:
      • name, address & contact info
      • university, year in school, area of interest, GPA, and a list with brief description of research projects currently/previously engaged in
      • Name, date & location of conference for which funds will be used
      • Summary of the research
      • Budget to attend the conference (format available upon request)
    • Verification of acceptance to present and student’s role in the presentation
    • Letter from the primary investigator summarizing the student’s contribution to the project
  • Allocation of Funds:
    • $500 will be allocated in January for conferences held April–September; $500 will be allocated in July for conferences held October–March.
    • If the January award is not given, two $500 awards can be given in July.
    • If only one student of merit applies in January and no one of merit applies in July, the January recipient is eligible for the July award, provided the student’s travel budget legitimately justifies the total award.
    • Funds not awarded during the year roll to the next year into that year’s $1,000 allocation.

Recipients of Student Researcher Award

  • 2012 — Claire Wiley

Updated 3/20/2013