The SCWTCA Endowment, Inc., is committed to preserving your privacy online. We collect personally identifying information (such as your name, e-mail address, address, telephone number and/or credit card information) from the SCWTCA Endowment website only if you choose to provide that information to us.

Use of Information

The use of personally identifying information is limited to the following: responding to user e-mails; contacting users for an online survey; sending communications such as Newsletters, from the SCWTCA Endowment Board to users who have “opted in” to the receipt of such communications; or other purposes specified at the time the information is gathered. Such information is not provided to outside parties unless required to do so by law.

Server Information

Like all other webservers, the SCWTCA Endowment, Inc., webserver automatically creates log files for each visitor who accesses our site. These "access logs" allow us to make our site more useful to our visitors. The access logs do NOT record a visitor's name, address, phone number, credit card numbers, or any other personally identifying information. Rather, they contain some or all of the following information:

  • The Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) of the machine that accessed our webssite.
  • The date of the visit.
  • The time of the visit.
  • The path taken through our website.
  • The browser being used.
  • Any errors encountered.
Use of Server Information

Information in server logs is used only for system administration and to report aggregate information, correct server problems, and to determine which areas of the website are visited most frequently and how well each page of the website is working.

How you can update or correct inaccuracies in your personal information

Users can choose not to receive unsolicited mailings from the SCWTCA Endowment and/or change their address, email and phone number by contacting the Endowment at


The SCWTCA Endowment is making every effort to ensure that the information available on our website is accessible to all. If you use special adaptive equipment to access the Internet and encounter problems when using our site, please let us know. Contact SCWTCA Endowment and provide the address (URL) of the page on which you need assistance, along with a description of the problem.


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