WatchDog HealthTracker provides a convenient tool for organizing your dog's lifelong health testing results.

You get more than just a snapshot in time. Instead, you get the entire record of your dog's health details in one location. By comparing test results over time, HealthTracker can alert you and your veterinarian to possible health trends.

Initially released in 2005 at the SCWT Health Conference in Keystone, HealthTracker is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Feedback led to several enhancements.

  • Definitions of medical terms and laboratory values and ranges are now available as you work. Just click on the item in question and explanations appear in a tooltip pop-up. Simple!
  • Since HealthTracker has your dog's birthdate, it automatically calculates the age at testing based on the test date you enter. Results can then be assessed according to the dog's age. Easy!
  • Record the results from your Wheaten's PLN-Associated Variant Genes test.

HealthTracker enhances your recordkeeping for your dog's health history. It provides a convenient reference for anyone providing care for your dog — leading to better, more informed decisions throughout your dog's life. Use it for any breed!

  • Microsoft Excel must be installed on your computer.
  • User needs only a basic working knowledge of Excel.
How can I get my own copy of HealthTracker?

Make a $10 donation to the SCWTCA Endowment. This helpful tool can be yours arriving by email within 24 hours!

If you prefer, send a check for $10 payable to SCWTCA Endowment in US funds only to:

Toni Vincent-Fisher
3825 132nd Ave NE
Bellevue WA 98005

Include a note that you want HealthTracker and be sure to provide your email address since the program will be emailed to you as an attachment. We ask only that you be fair and do not share. This is for your use only.

Need Help with HealthTracker?

If you need help with your copy of HealthTracker, contact with your questions.