The SCWTCA Endowment was founded in 2001 and fortunate to have a dedicated group of Board members at its start. We would like you to know more about them.

Carol Carlson, Chair, 2001 — 2019

Carol’s involvement with Wheatens goes back to the late 1960s, when she and Emily Holden imported a bitch and became Amaden Wheatens, Reg. Carol and Emily campaigned Wheatens throughout the US as part of the effort to have the breed recognized by the AKC.

Carol was incredibly important to the SCWTCA, serving as the President in 1980-81 and 1987-89. She also served on the SCWTCA board for 12 addition terms. She was the Benchmarks Editor from 1990 – 2005 and SCWTCA AKC Delegate. She was often asked to handle difficult problems by SCWTCA presidents who knew she was the right person for a tough job.

As protein-losing diseases began to take hold in the breed, Carol was one of a small group that looked to address the issue through research. Her talent was in fundraising: one of her early efforts was to raise the funds required for an AKC Canine Health Foundation matching grant…and she easily tripled the goal set. She chaired the Colony Dog fundraising project and raised over $100,000 for their research and care.

With the support of the then-SCWTCA Board and other long-time fanciers, Carol drove the establishment of the Endowment and served as its chair until 2019. Under Carol’s leadership, the Endowment raised and donated hundreds of thousands for Wheaten health research and projects.

Carol was a dear friend to many and loved by all. As news of her passing spread, people from all over the Wheaten community had stories of their relationships with her…all of which described a person who loved the breed and would help anyone interested in it.

Rosemary Berg, Board Member, 2001 — 2017

Rosemary Berg began her showing and breeding career in Wheatens in the early 1980s with a Briarlyn bitch who became the foundation for Wil O’Wisp Wheatens.

Rosie served as the SCWTCA Treasurer from 1994-2004. She served the national club in numerous other roles. She brought her 20 year experience as a superintendent with MBF to her role as ring steward during many Montgomery weekends.

Rosie was one of the SCWTCA Endowment founders and served on our Board where her experience as a city council president was invaluable. She was our Treasurer for many years, setting the standards still followed that have resulted in our continuing high ratings from Guidestar.

Rosie’s energy was boundless and so was her dedication to our breed. She was loved and respected by everyone who knew her.