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We rely on generous contributors to support new and continuing research into Wheaten health issues. The SCWTCA Endowment is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

How to Donate*

    • Check out with PayPal. Please check the box on PayPal to share your address with us so we can provide a receipt for tax purposes.

    • Use our Donation Form to send a check (in US funds only) made payable to "SCWTCA Endowment Inc".

*We do not share or sell your information.


Meet the Challenge — Red Hat Challenge Fund

A joint project of the Wheaten Health Endowment and the SCWT Genetic Research Foundation (a certified non-profit corporation), through October 2022, the GRF will provide a total of $25,000 to match every single dollar donation to the Endowment to further expand our community's commitment to Wheaten genetic research and the SCWT Terrier Database.

Initially the GRF matched donations up to $15,000, and we are happy to announce that we met that goal in August of 2021; but you can still donate to the Red Hat Fund to honor both Jackie and Carol through October of 2022. Those donations will not be matched but are greatly appreciated.

Learn more at the Red Hat Challenge Fund page.


Tribute & Memorial Gifts
Remember your first Wheaten, honor your best friend …
and support Wheaten health!

Tribute gifts are a thoughtful way to celebrate a litter, birthday, new title, great friendship, or any special friend/occasion. Memorial gifts are a special way to express sympathy by honoring the memory of a favorite Wheaten, friend, or relative.

A tribute or a memorial will appear on our Donor list with a receipt sent to the donor and, upon request, (emailed to, a letter of acknowledgment to the honoree (amount is not disclosed).


Corporate Matching

All our donors are Wheaten Health Heroes…, but did you know your superpower could double … or more?

If your employer has a Matching Donation program, your contribution to the SCWTCA Endowment could be matched, providing even MORE support for our Wheaten health research programs and projects — usually all you need to do is click a few times on your company’s website. Businesses of all sizes match donations their employees make to nonprofits because it’s an easy, structured way for them to support good work; and sometimes it's a double or triple match. As a 501c3, the Endowment is often eligible for a matching grant.

If you're not sure if your company has a Matching Donation program, look on the employee website (sometimes it's under corporate social responsibility) or check with HR to see if your company will match your donation to the Endowment; and become a Wheaten Health Super Hero!


Thank you for supporting the Endowment!