Progress of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Database

March 2021

You are invited! The next SCWTCA Webinar is as follows:

Topic: SCWT Health Database
We encourage all owners of purebred SCWTs to enter their Wheatens information in the SCWT Health Database. We will offer a webinar on the database and hope you will join us.

Time: March 16, 2021 @ 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US and Canada)

We also have a series of FAQs you may find helpful.

Progress of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Database

February 2021

The SCWT Database wants to thank all of the “behind the scenes” people who have contributed to our success. Everyone’s hard work for the last 8 years has allowed us to grow to nearly 75,000 dogs, over 21,000 litters, 15,500 test results and so much more. With this huge block of work completed, we’re reorganizing and streamlining our management to accommodate the current workflow. Data Managers Kathleen McIndoe and San Jeffries will continue to add data and photos. We thank all the past Data Operators for their contributions; we could not have done it without your effort and dedication to our goals…and we may call on you again if the workload increases!

Launch of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Database

March 2017

After a number of years of development, the SCWTCA Endowment, Inc., is excited to announce the launch the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Database at

This database was originally developed by the Berner-Garde Foundation 30 years ago and is in use by several other breeds in addition to Wheatens. Starting with San Jeffries’ database of 46,000 dogs, a team of volunteer data operators has added dogs so we are debuting with records on nearly 60,000 Wheatens from around the world.

In furtherance of the Endowment’s mission, we believe the detailed collection of health and pedigree information in the database will help to identify, track, and reduce the incidence of health problems in the SCWT. Wheaten owners, breeders, and researchers can be used it to assist with decisions about the care and welfare of their dogs to make breeding decisions. We expect veterinarians and veterinary researchers working with Wheatens will find it a valuable data source.

The integrity of the information in the database is vital to its purpose. Much of the data comes from voluntary submissions from owners, which is verified before being published. Publicly available information, such as records from kennel clubs and OFA is also included as verified.

The best way to appreciate the potential of the Database is to use it! It is accessible to all at once you’ve read and accepted the policies. Start by looking up your own dogs and seeing what the Database can do: from producing pedigrees to searching for dogs meeting specific criteria. (While the Database is easy to use, you’ll also find a link to a User’s Guide on the home page.) This will show you how you can help by submitting information on your own dogs to make the Database more robust. There are forms for sending information to add; and you can upload photos of your dog, both formal show shots and informal candids.

Despite the care our operators take, errors are, of course, inevitable. If you find a problem, please report it at